Reviews of Service Included 


New York Times 100 Notable Books of 2007 

ELLE Magazine Reader's Prize 2008


"...exhilarating prose. It's great entertainment watching professionals at the top of the field...." - New York Times Book Review

"The food is tantalizing, but what keeps you at Damrosch's table is the writing." - Entertainment Weekly 

"A charming debut..." - Publisher's Weekly 

"Well-written and fascinating...." - Kirkus Reviews

"For service industry refugees who were bored to tears by the redacted-for-the-masses Kitchen Confidential, Ms. Damrosch is a funnier, less self-aborbed narrator with a far juicier tale." - Seattle Weekly
(for the record Phoebe loved Kitchen Confidential)  

"Service Included: Four-Star Secrets of an Eavesdropping Waiter is one of the most delightful books this year. Phoebe is a smart writer and her storytelling is quick and witty." - Pop Syndicate  

"Damrosch has a sassy, clean voice..." - Northwest Palate 

 "It is when Damrosch writes of the human-comestible interaction like the diner who enjoyed taking the heat-retaining cloches off his own plates and was allowed to do so, the co-workers who cheer over the largest tin of caviar she has ever seen when Per Se earns four stars on its first Times review, that she creates a narrative worth reading." - Smoke Signals